Custom software development

Here at Sidings Media we pride ourselves in developing efficient and effective software solutions for you and your bussiness. We provide custom software to suit your needs.

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About us

About us

Sidings Media was originally founded around 2 YouTube channels with the aim of educating viewers on a range of topics from electronics and programming to model railways. Whilst these channels may not really be active anymore, that ethos remains. We still aim to educate and inspire. This is why we contribute to and create opensource projects. We belive that there is no better way to learn that to look at existing code. This ethos also filters down into our services and how we interact with clients. We are always happy to answer any questions our client might have and we always try to provide documentaion with our client projects to help them in the future when they decide to modify it. We don't lock our clients out of their own application and force them to come back to us everytime they want to make a change. Instead, we give them all of the resources they need to continue their development.

Software development