Welcome To Sidings Media


Sidings Media is a software and web development company whose ethos is to help and educate. We strive to do the best we can for our customers and will always hold ourselves to the highest of standards and our customers will always come first. For us here at Sidings Media, the most important thing for us by far is our customers trust. That is why if we don't know somthing, we won't just lie to you just so we can get your business. Instead we will go and look it up, find the answer because here at Sidings Media, we belive that you should never stop learning as there is always more to be learnt. Find out more about the services we offer here. Along with paid development we also contribute to and run opensource projects and create YouTube videos with an aim to educate and to entertain. Find out more about our channels here.


The Sidings

The Sidings is our first channel and was started in July of 2018. It focuses on everything to do with model railways and modeling in general. Its aim is to get more people into model railways and also show people that although it may seem like you need thousands of pounds to get anything decent, that this is not the case. That you can instead spend just a few quid and get create somthing amazing

Sidings Electric

Sidings Electric is our second channel and was created whilst driving home from a holiday. It focuses on all things electronic. Everything from circuits and PCBs to webservers and programming. Its content is designed to not only be educational but entertaining as well because if somthing isn't fun to watch, then the chances are, you ain't going to watch it.

Opensource Projects

Sidings Media Railway Controller

This is an opensource project that aims to produce a comprehensive system for the control of a DC model rail of any guage and any scale. It uses Wi-Fi to comunicate with the controlling device. This means that we can have near limitless expansion. The only limit is the number of devices you can have on your network. This meant that the amount of expansion is almost limitless