Our current services

From web design to software development we can provide it all. We will help your company grow their online presence and develop their desktop app. We will also help you to manage your servers and make sure that your bussiness does not lose money from servers going down.

Cross platform desktop app development

Electron is a framework that has helped to build many applications like Microsoft Teams and Skype. It provides a way to make complex and scalable cross platform desktop application. We will provide a professional looking custom desktop application that is perfectly suited to your exact requirements.All our code is written to the highest quality in order to improve maintainability and to aid other developers who may work on your app in the future. All your code will be stored securely on our private git server. If you wish we can host the source on GitHub for you. Please contact me before ordering so we can discuss your project requirements and work out the best solution for you.

Landing page development

I will create a professional looking landing page that will look good on any device. Your landing page will be completely custom to suit your exact needs. It will allow you to advance your product and to attract more customers. Your landing page could include:

  • Scrolling images of your product
  • Customer reviews and testimonials
  • Companies that use your product
  • A link to the product
  • About the product
  • About the company
  • Anything else you can think of
Please contact me prior to ordering so that we can discuss your needs and decide upon the best option for you.

Webserver setup

A lamp stack is behind almost every website on the internet. It is what displays the web page, manages login details and much, much more. I will install a lamp stack on any linux operating system.

  • Install phpMyAdmin - This will make managing your databases a breeze. There will be no more hassle with having to access your databases using the command line if you have this installed. All your databases can be managed from a web interface.
  • Install Fail2ban - This handy piece of software will help to prevent brute force attacks over SSH. If a user inputs their password incorrectly a predefined number of times, they will be unable to login again from that IP address for a predefined number of minutes.
  • A server running any version of linux
  • SSH access
  • Sudo privileges or a root user